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    InfoBridgeGlobal Ltd is a leading consultancy provider/firm established since 2014. Specializing in the field of introducing innovative technology, consultancy, and business process services, dedicated to assisting the companies in choosing best possible solutions. The IBG’s Technology Consulting is focused on driving transformation, innovation, and optimization for clients. The company also facilitates in positioning their clients better than their competitors by conceptualizing and strategizing. With our skills in Market Knowledge and Industry Expertise we provide superior consultancy services globally. To develop long-term relationships with our clients, become partners in their success.

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InfoBridge, as a design-led innovation platform systematically 'designs' sustainability through design thinking and creative strategies in social and corporate projects. The ideology is based on design thinking and user-centred design practice. The emphasis is on connecting communities and 'engaging local values to create innovative values' for project enhancement and sustainability. InfoBridge aims to provide a creative platform for collaboration which is not dependent on geographical location. The platform is open to analog as well as virtual initiatives aiming social/corporate innovation projects. We design 'teams' and bring together experts customised to your needs before we design your project/training/innovation programme. We have a network of creative practitioners ( all with doctorates), who work in different parts of the world and come together based on project requirements. We design sustainable social and corporate business models and product service systems. Service design methods are employed to collaborate with relevant networks through strategically designed interventions, workshops and projects. We work with an asset based approach, and introduce innovation customised to the specific environments. By designing analog as well digital engagement tools InfoBridge ensures project sustainability beyond delivery.


The company concentrates on its expertise as providers of advanced capture hardware/software for Optical Mark Reading (OMR), Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR). IBG offers a full array of services and products to facilitate your data collection needs; from course evaluations or conference speaker evaluations to student report cards or customer satisfaction surveys. ​ Our service bureau facilities uses advance equipment and expertise to design and conduct paper-based and on-line surveys for business and education. We design and conduct paper-based and on-line surveys such as product surveys, course evaluations, risk surveys, and employee-satisfaction surveys for both education and business customers. We tailor our methods to the specifics of each survey/test, which can include web publishing, as well as printing. We’ve provided consultancy services to small, medium and large organisations, and in a wide range of industry sectors. Our Document Scanning provide a digital transformation service for a range of public- and private-sector organisations. Using the latest document scanning equipment/sotware, we quickly convert your paper documents into high-quality digital files. You can then locate and retrieve your files in seconds, without even leaving your desk.

Other Services

Enhance your own data collection efforts by using one or more aspects of our service or let InfoBridge Global be your total information gathering solution by:
Designing machine-readable or web-based scan forms tailored to your specific data collection needs.
Professionally printing the data collection forms in large or small quantities.
Mailing the documents to your customers, students, alumni, employees, etc.
Outsource Scanning / Scoring / Surveys
Outsource Custom Reporting / Result Generation
First Line Maintenance & Repair of OMR machines
Custom Printing Services.

Data Processing Products

InfoBridge Global offers a variety of utility software applications to help you get the most from your Optical Mark Read (OMR) and imaging scanners.

Remark Office

Remark Classic

ScanTools Plus

Quick Score

ScanTron DesignExpert

INSIGHT Scanners

(OMR & Image)

Opscan Scanners

(OMR Only)

Environmental Products




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Our Products & Services are used in all areas of Industry, Commerce and Government, including Local Authorities, Education and Healthcare, for MARKET RESEARCH, TRAINING, QUALITY MONITORING, STAFF, STUDENT AND PATIENT SURVEYS, TESTS, ASSESSMENTS, EXAMINATION OR PERFORMANCE TRACKING etc. or any task where data needs to be captured, stored and analyzed quickly, efficiently & cost effectively. For further information on the company and its products please contact Asif Ali at asif@ibgltd.co.uk

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Tel: +447553946688
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